Run, Search, Gather, Build, Befriend, DefendShoot,

KillDie...  Repeat!

You find yourself on a beach with nothing but a piece of fruit, a can of drink and some basic clothes.  It's summer in the northern hemisphere but it is still cold. The sun hardly makes a dint in the frigid air and if you don't find better clothing and some gear before long, you will die.  If not by the weather, then...other things.

In this situation, life is easy, simple even.  You need supplies.  You need shelter and you need to be able to protect yourself.  You've heard that "inland" there might be better supplies and places to build. There might even be other people that can help you.  One things for sure; you can't stay here!  Act or die.

It's a few years after world war three

"The bulk of the worlds population now roams the country

as flesh eating Zombies.  But with some of the people 

you'll meet, it's hard to tell who the real monsters are!"

Survive & Build

At its heart, Dayz is a survival game. If you want to go all hard core you can head back to the beach and start from the very beginning.  If that's not your thing you can run up to a trader and buy some things to help.   We have placed 20k in a bank account for you.

Once your settled, build a safe house to store your things in.  Now of course when you build something you tell those people around you that you have something to protect so your base will go on the raiding lists of some people.  So you will need to defend it against attack. This is the heart of the strategy side of Screaming Dayz.  Builders versus raiders. Attackers versus defenders. Working as a team.

Make Money

As you grow in the game you will want to buy some better gear.  A new gun, a car and probably a helicopter to fly those longer commutes in.  To do this your going to need some money! On Screaming Dayz you can make money in three ways.  1.  Run guns. There are abandoned military bases all over the map.  Go to them and find good guns and bring them back to sell to a trader.  2.  Sell drugs. In this post apocalyptic world a lot of people do drugs.  Sell it and make some coin.  3.  Hunting Zombies.  Help the remaining scientists find a vaccine to the zombie disease by killing zombies and selling their flesh to the Poachers that are hiding somewhere.

Kill People

At the other end of the survival game is the killing game.  The polite politically correct term is PVP (player Versus player).  But it is still just shooting people :)  Dayz is a good first person shooting game.  It has a wide selection of weapons and different styles in which you can hunt your enemies.  Some like to go ham with a knife, others like to drop someone from 1 km away.  Me I like to run in spraying bullets and shouting wildly.  I have seen people killed with all manner of things from a can of peaches to a bear trap to a grenade to a car driving over them. It's a strange world out there, take your time, you'll find a way that suits you too. Whatever your style, the PVP on Screaming Dayz is wild.


Check out what people just like you say about us

Great server.  Lots of friendly people who smile right before they shoot you in the head. All I can say is find some friends and keep them close.  You will need them.


I am a pro gamer but that still doesn't mean I can get my photo right.  The Screaming DayZ server is all about making friends and killing enemies.  Of course sometimes you accidently kill your friends but that's life in the dayZ.


I play with my boyfriend and sometimes I play dayz as well. This server is good because you can fish on one day and shoot people at the airfield on another. Actually you can do both in one day if that's your thing.


There Are No Stupid Questions Survivor...