March 27


How Did I Get Here?

Well, hi. My in-game name is TWO DOGS and I have been playing Dayz for around a year and a half.

My first 6 months were in normal "Vanilla Dayz" on Australian server 1059 with a ping around 50ms. That intro music still haunts me to this day. I died a lot. And then I died some more. And more. And more. And more. And then I was hooked.

I had to beat this fucking game

I had to learn how to stay alive. I had to beat the cold. Had to find food and water. I had to find a knife. I had to learn to fish. I had to beat the cough that always killed me. I needed to find weapons to defend me. I had to beat the zombies. And just when I started getting on top of all those problems, some low life blows my head off with a shotgun as I walk into a house. Dead again. Back to the coast. Start again. Rinse and repeat.

Dayz runs a Full Death game mode. It doesn't matter how long you have been alive or how much experience you have, if you die - in Vanilla Dayz it's back to the coast to start again with a tee shirt, pants, shoes, an Apple, a Glow Stick and one other random piece of shit that wont help you much. Then it's a race against time to get warm, fed, watered and hopefully to a hospital to find some Tetracycline (an antibiotic that kills the cough you get all to easily).

Around the fourth month of dying I met my friend HoldenEmLong and we didn't shoot each other on site. It was comical. We just stood there in the middle of the road looking at each other, waiting for the other to shoot. We didn't shoot. I said, "I'm friendly!" into the mike and he replied, "Thank God I am so sick of being shot." Then we laughed and became in-game friends which I found out is just as good as real life friends, sometimes even better 🙂

So HoldenEmLong and I built a base. The first one we built was not very good but we could store a few things and if we died we could get back to it and be further up the ladder of Dayz survival than if you don't have a base. Then we built a pretty good base and life in Dayz was (for the first time in 5 months) actually fun. We had basically beaten the game. We were survivors.

Stage Two In My Dayz Life

HoldenEmLong and I did well in our new base on the top floor of the Pub in Topolniki. We had daily scavenger runs around Topo to find nails and tools we needed. One day, we both spent 5 hours searching every house and industrial building within 4 km of our base to find a pair of pliers that we needed to put Barbed Wire on our gates. Five hours is a long fucking time to look for a pair of pliers. BUT boy are you glad (ecstatic even) when you find them. I can't remember being more excited in RL (real life) in many a year. Don't tell my wife 🙂

We ran to Tisy and North West Airfield and collected Night Vision Goggles and Helmets. Jackets and Pants. Guns and Ammo. It was a good life. We stockpiled food, even grew our own vegetables in the trees a few hundred meters away from the base. We died sometimes to other players but getting back to Topo only took a few hours and we had everything there to be back to normal in no time at all.

Then someone found our base. They raped it while we were offline in RL. When we logged on we were devastated. They took all the guns. The main food was gone. Bandages, clothes, Gilly Suits and even the ammo. Tools that had taken us weeks to gather were gone too and those are hard to replace.

The worse thing is that this started happening every few days. I would log in to find the base raided again and I would spend hours (and I mean hours) rebuilding everything and restocking by doing runs to Tisy and NWAF only to log back in a few days later to find it all gone again and the base destroyed. We realised that the Vanilla Game of Dayz was not built properly. It was broken. It was like the developers just stopped one day and said, "That's it, no more...".

It was around that time that I learned that there were other servers in the Dayz World that were not Vanilla Servers. These servers, called Modded Servers, are made by people who like Dayz as a game but want to change something in the game to make it a little different from the original. Discovering this was like a light going off in my head.

Modded Server Stranded

My first Modded server was Stranded in Australia. HoldenEmLong and I went across there and discovered the joys of what a Modded Server could be. They had their own building system that was SOOOOOOO much better than Vanilla and the gameplay was a lot smoother. This server had Factions that you could ally with or join and HoldenEmLong and I allied with the Operators and built a small Moustache House Base. During this time I met some new fiends who were very kind to us and both protected us from Bandits and showed us the ropes. A special thanks to Funkpetal and Vorpal who showed me how to build properly.

And they had Traders. A Trader. A guy or gal who sells the stuff (LIKE PLIERS) that you need from time to time. It allows you to spend more time doing the stuff that is fun. There was only two Traders I think, but boy were they cool. I decided there and then that I would not play on a server ever again that did not have a Trader.

Stranded was cool. The people were cool and the server owner was cool. They had Admins who would come and help if something went wrong and it made the game much better. It was a great place and we had a lot of good times there. We even built Autism Tower with everyone on the server at the end of a wipe that was 35 stories higher than the top level on the large Altar tower and stretched all the way down to Gorka. What a masterpiece. What a whole server effort. There is a video somewhere of us jumping cars off the top. Hilarious 🙂

Then the Server Owner changed the server playing style and the server just evaporated. Everyone left and the server sort of went into hibernation. I don't know if it has ever awoken.

Modded Server Onslaught

I ended up on Onslaught. I didn't know what I was doing. It was a full on HARD CORE PVP (player versus Player) server. But it had Helicopters and Traders. OMG. The first time I saw a Helicopter just come down and land right in the Trader Zone I was truly gobsmacked. I mean really amazed. I ran over and looked into that Helicopter cabin at the controls and vowed I would someday get enough money to buy me one of those. I spoke to the pilot who I had never met before and he may as well have been a God standing by his own creation for all the admiration I had. It was wonderful. After 5 months of literally (in-game literally) RUNNING all of the Chernarus Map this mercenary/magician could just hop into this helicopter and fly anywhere on the map in 8 minutes. WOW. OMFG. OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!

The people on Onslaught that I met at the Trader seemed nice. They couldn't kill me in the trader so they talked to me. It was a good bunch. Some of them realised that I was an absolute noob so they helped me learn the guns and what to buy and how to equip myself. I had high hopes of making a home here.

There was only one trouble with Onslaught. I was a shit PVPer and it seemed that every other fucker on the server was an expert. I am not joking, I died more than on Vanilla. I died here, I died there, I died everywhere. The last straw was when I was walking out of the Trader on day and the step that took me beyond the safezone I collected a bullet in the head and died instantly. That was it, I was not good enough to exist on Onslaught.

Modded Server 1SK

Along the way I had met another friend Liandri who was a RL friend of HoldEmLong and he invited us across to the server he was playing on, 1SK which stands for One Shot Kill. As you can imagine, with a name like that, I didn't hold high hopes for my survival but off we went and I was about to learn something new about who I was.

ISK is a fucking good server. The owner Wydox has a policy of making the server run smoothly and it does. He gets rid of mods that interfere with the server performance and even builds custom mods to do the things he needs. The players there (like anywhere) are a mixed bag. There are some real shitheads. But I have made several good friends there as well. 1SK is not as hard core as Onslaught. It is not far behind but it is far enough off that elite level that allowed me to stay alive for hours at a time if I was careful.

Over time I got to the point where I wanted to build a base and when I started I learned that they had a Modded Building System too. I watched a few videos on the internet and off I went. I didn't realise just then but I had found something that made me more valuable in the game.

Building For Protection

As it turns out, with Vorpal's training on how to build, combined with a good building system I was useful to good PVPers on the Server. You see, they like to kill people and I am not good at killing people. I like to build and they think building is a waste of good killing time. But they like the idea of having a good base to store their things in and come and go from.

So it turns out that they protect me and I build for them. It's a match made in heaven. I get to to survive and build against attackers and raiders and the PVPers that join my team get a base that is much better than they would want to put the time into to build themselves.

Modded Server Screaming Dayz

So here we are, at Screaming Dayz. I love Dayz as a game but it is a broken fucked up sort of love. I often say Dayz is like that girlfriend who you should break up with because the relationship isn't quite there BUT she is unbelievable in bed. You just stay together to get to the sex. Dayz is a lot like that. It's not right but there you go.

I decided to make Screaming Dayz to try and get a balance between PVP and Base-building/raiding. We will see how it goes. It is a lot harder than I ever gave it credit for. What seems like it would take 5 minutes takes 5 hours. You spend 5 days trying to find a glitch. Weeks later someone is talking to you about how they can't sell this pistol at the trader. It is hard and it is complicated. But is it worth it? We will see.

See you in Screaming Dayz. Keep your head down, find some friends, have fun.

Spawn In, Run, Search, Gather, Build, Befriend, Defend, Shoot, Kill, Die… Repeat!




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