So you have been playing on the server a while and you think that Screaming Dayz might be a place you can put down some roots.  That sounds like a great idea.  Obviously, running a server like this takes an extraordinary amount of time and a considerable amount of money to keep it all operating smoothly.  Below are three Donator Plans that are designed to help you find what suits you.  Thank you for your support.  It is very much appreciated.


Busted Arse Broke

But I can find $10 a month

to help the server.

Access to our priority queue.  

As the server grows in popularity, the queues to get in will get larger.  When you first start out, that's not a problem but later on, being able to jump the queue and be number 1 or 2 to get in, is REALLY cool.


This Is Cool

$20 a month ain't much for

such a cool game.

Access to our priority queue

Access to the In-Game menu

The In-game menu lets you to change clothes colours and make some funny in-game sounds.


I Want My Say

I want to be involved in the 

decisions so $30 it is.

Access to our priority queue

Access to the In-Game menu

Server Voting Rights

A Custom Gun Skin & Name

This is a democratic server.  TWO DOGS  (the owner) does not make all the decisions as to what goes on.  So if you want to have an equal say in changes made to the server, this is the way!

By purchasing this membership you can order a custom gun skin that will stay on the server as long as you are a level 3 Member.  You also get the right to name that skin so the Kill Feed will announce the gun in the feed.